Sending rubbish to the tip is getting more and more expensive each year so making sure you are minimising what you need to send to landfill is a great way to save dollars! Our tips will help you save money on your next skip hire for sure.


  1. Items that someone might buy or take

If you have items that someone might take off you hands either for free or might pay a small amount for you should try posting on gumtree, ebay or you local facebook buy,swap and sell. If this fails the next options is that when you have your skip you put the items on the top and see if there are any takers. I often find with items like this that they get taken pretty quickly.

  1. Separate wastes if you can

Often customers will have a lot of green waste and a few other small items that are rubbish to get rid of. Green waste skip bins are cheaper than general mixed waste skip bins so putting the other items in your domestic waste bin could save you having to upgrade to a mixed service or if you have a bit of both it might be worth considering multiple bins.

  1. Pack it tight


Getting the most into the limited space in your skip bin is actually more challenging than it sounds. You should start with the largest items and then work your way down to the smallest filling the gaps. Loading your skip this way could mean that you can get the same amount of rubbish into a skip half the size of the sip you would need to throw you waste into willy nilly.


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