Getting your driveway redone on having an old concrete patio removed can be an exciting project but what do you do with the concrete you want to get rid of? Hiring a concrete and masonry skip bin may just be the right solution that will save you some money on your project!


Disposing or recycling concrete and masonry materials can be achieved using one of our masonry and concrete skip bins that can hired online on our website. These specialised services are provided for a cheaper price than general mixed waste as we recycle the concrete into other useful materials that we can then on sell. Contamination of the skip bin with other materials is strictly prohibited and will cause the service to be charged as general mixed waste. These skips are popular with those undertaking demolition projects or redoing driveways to dispose of the existing one.


Concrete should be broken or cut up into manageable pieces so that it can be loaded into the skip without excessive amounts of wasted space. Concrete should not be dropped from a great height into the skip to avoid damage to the skips which may occur if a large heavy piece of concrete is dropped into it.


When calculating the volume of the skip you will require we suggest that allowing up to twice the volume of the concrete you will be removing to allow for variance in the thickness of the concrete and to cover the efficacy of how the bin is loaded. Calculating the volume is done but finding the total area of the concrete and multiplying this by the thickness of the concrete that you will be removing.


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